M87's Routing at the Edge (RATE™) technology significantly increases the coverage and capacity of today's networks.   

Data connection speeds often lag when and where you need them the most, like in large office buildings and dense metropolitan areas – places with lots of other mobile devices and cellular interference. This is when M87 software kicks in, giving your smartphone the fastest data speeds available –
regardless of your original signal strength. 



Just outside of the sweet spot?
M87 has you covered. 

With M87 software your smartphone will automatically leapfrog into the heart of the coverage area, allowing you to enjoy the strongest connection available. No more wandering in circles, waving your phone in the air hoping to catch a good signal, or having to wait until later to get online. With M87, your phone is ready when you are. 



With M87 your personal data is
on complete lockdown.


The security of your data is sacrosanct at M87. We utilize industry leading tunneling technology to ensure your data remains yours and only yours. In fact, we don't capture, store or even see any of your personal data whatsoever.