NEWS: #MWC 2019 | Vodafone and M87 Enable 4G Devices to Use Fast 5G Networks | M87 announced that it will demonstrate with Vodafone at Mobile World Congress a software-based approach that allows 4G smartphone devices to seamlessly connect to 5G networks via a Wi-Fi connection. The breakthrough technology allows users to seamlessly gain access to the latest network with speeds in excess of 500 Mbps while utilizing their existing devices and plan tariffs.     

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COverage and capacity

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Our Edge Network product unlocks the tremendous latent capacity in existing mobile devices by adding them to the network infrastructure as potential cellular relays, creating a carrier-grade device to device network that increases both coverage and capacity without sacrificing security or billing accuracy.

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connecting the iot

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Our software for the Internet of Things creates a Proximate Internet, intelligently discovering and connecting edge devices when they are in offline environments with poor or non-existent network connectivity.  This opens up new edge networking solutions for data trapped in IoT sensors, controllers, or mobile computing devices in challenging environments.