M87 announces Cole Brodman has joined the Board of Directors

Austin, February 18, 2014 — M87, a wireless software company in Austin, announced today that it has appointed Cole Brodman, industry veteran and past CMO/CTO of T-Mobile to its Board of Directors.

M87’s Routing at the Edge (RATE™) technology pioneers software solutions that target the most critical issue in the mobile data industry – ever-increasing capacity constraints fueled by climbing mobile data usage. M87’s software improves the performance of data networks by moving routing intelligence and network selection decisions to the device, which is most aware of real-time connectivity conditions.

M87’s initial product, Client SON™, unlocks the tremendous latent capacity in existing mobile devices by adding them to the network infrastructure – creating a carrier-grade device to device network that increases both coverage and capacity without sacrificing security or billing accuracy.

“We couldn’t be more excited to have Cole Brodman on our board at M87. He’s been a leader in the telecommunications industry for almost 25 years and brings fresh insights from his tenure at one of the world’s most innovative and fast-paced carriers  T-Mobile USA,” said David Hampton, CEO of M87.

“M87’s software cost effectively addresses the capacity crunch while significantly improving customers’ coverage and data throughput speeds,” said Cole Brodman.  “The M87 team has developed what I see as a real breakthrough technology, one that can provide a significant opportunity to increase network performance and improve the customer experience, without the need to add additional infrastructure. I’m thrilled to be on the board and to help bring this exciting technology to market.”



Kevin Fitchard @ GigaOm on M87's revolutionary technology

Big carriers like Comcast, SoftBank and BT may have gotten wise to the concept ofshared home Wi-Fi to build far-reaching networks for their customers. But when it comes to the shared mobile broadband, the movement is more of a grassroots effortwith startups and organizations like Open Garden, Karma and the Open Technology Institute pioneering new technologies and business models for letting people crowdsource their cellular connections.

So far mobile carriers haven’t been hot on the idea of shared mobile connections, and for the longest time they blocked phones from tethering with other devices. Buta new startup called M87 is trying to convince carriers that they can benefit from a shared bandwidth model. It’s developing technologies that would allow all of the phones in a carrier’s network to link up with another and crowdsource their connections.

M87 sprouted from the University of Texas at Austin’s wireless engineering department, which developed a technology that allows smartphones to dynamically organize themselves into mesh networks using their Wi-Fi. Those clusters of phones collaboratively identity which device or devices have the strongest links to the 3G or LTE network and then route all of their mobile data traffic through those connections.

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