The M87 Edge Network flips the traditional network's power structure upside down – shifting network intelligence to the mobile device – empowering your smartphone to always seek the fastest path to the network. 

Edge Network not only benefits the end user but it dramatically expands network capacity for wireless carriers without the need for additional infrastructure. In fact, M87 software works within all existing network types, allowing carriers to significantly enhance the value of their current infrastructure investments. 

Radical? Yes. But given that mobile data growth is expected to increase nearly 50% every year through 2021 with over 11B devices connected to mobile networks, it's time to re-think the way networks work. That's just what we've done at M87.

M87’s Edge Network enables 4G devices to utilize Fast 5G Networks

M87’s Edge Network software is being utilized by major network operators to seamlessly enable 4G smartphones to access 5G capabilities – accelerating and expanding the benefits of faster 5G networks. M87’s software can be utilized to update existing 4G smartphones as well as 5G devices, so 4G smartphones can access 5G capabilities through 5G devices (routers or other smartphones). Once enabled, users can seamlessly gain access to the latest network with speeds in excess of 500 Mbps while utilizing their existing devices and plan tariffs.  

M87’s Edge Network solution delivers an ability to virtualize edge resources into a dynamic, distributed routing architecture, thus improving network performance and signal quality.  The end result provides improved coverage and quality of service, while lowering network CapEx requirements. This new 5G extension demonstrates how 4G devices can take advantage more quickly of the coming 5G networks. 

M87 enabled 5G Converters provide rapid path to 5G

New 5G CPE Relays utilize M87 Edge Network software to provide both 3G and 4G devices, as well as 5G enabled devices in poor coverage areas to experience fast 5G connectivity. This effectively accelerates 5G utilization and economics, especially in the early years when device costs are high and device penetration is low.

5G Converter Benefits:

  • Seamless Bridging of Older Devices: High Speed Wi-Fi Extends 5G Performance the Last 000 Meters

  • CPE Unit Can Be Dual Purpose: 5G Home Broadband + Shared 5G Cell for All VF Customers

  • Extends Coverage in Buildings, Homes, Public Areas

  • Secure Connections and Auto-billing

This technology is being demonstrated with Vodafone at Mobile World Congress 2019. Learn more here.


M87’s EDGE Network is a software-only solution

The software creates dynamic cell relay networks, intelligently routing traffic directly among proximate mobile devices, improving the coverage and capacity of wireless networks and the quality of service for end-users.

See actual M87 speed test videos from around the world >


M87 software continuously seeks to improve customers' connectivity and throughput speeds by monitoring the network environment and intelligently selecting the fastest path – either directly to the cellular network or via the device to device network.

This allows each device to connect to the heart of coverage area, giving your customers the strongest connection available and minimizing cell edge interference.


Our Edge Network product unlocks the tremendous latent capacity in existing mobile devices by adding them to the network infrastructure. There are currently over one billion smartphones in use worldwide. Our software adds these smartphones to the network infrastructure, creating a carrier-grade device to device network that increases both coverage and capacity without sacrificing security or billing accuracy.

features and benefits

  • Android and iOS

  • Power efficient, multi-RF bridging and routing: Bluetooth/LE, Wi-Fi Direct, and Wi-Fi Aware and LTE-D (near future) to 3G/4G or Wi-Fi network connectivity

  • Single or multi-hop

  • Secure, and with integrated reconciled billing


Expand Coverage and Capacity with no Additional Network Infrastructure